Mardock Hawkeyes

Power and knowledge seeking Sorcerer who sometimes fights for good, but usually for his own benefit.


Mardock is the distant relative to Emperor Octavius of the ES.

He is extremely interested in the mysteries of the world. Unexplained magical phenomena intrigue him, and push him to grasp how they work. He desires intelligence and knowledge above all else, and believes himself to be the best being in the world.

Along with his desire for self improvement and knowledge of the unexplainable, Mardock wants to have power over magical things as well. Because of this, he is driven to find and control useful and powerful magic items. Little can stop him from learning new spells and finding new mysterious weapons and items to add to his ultimate goal of perfection and power.

Because Mardock believes he is better than everyone else, he sees nothing wrong with controlling and using innocent people, as long as it does not hurt them. Mardock is NOT evil – he does not enjoy seeing good people get hurt, or enjoy inflicting pain – he simply feels that there is nothing wrong with controlling others and being deceitful. He will sometimes help people who are in trouble, and he will always help people when he thinks he has something to gain from it.

Adding to that, he is fine with hurting, stealing from, and killing people who only cause harm on the world, especially if he can use their weapons and powers to his advantage afterwards.

He has many reasons to fight against Nyrul: Self preservation; saving the innocent; and unlocking the secrets and power behind Nyrul, possibly using these secrets to achieve his goals.

Mardock Hawkeyes

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